It was revealed that Lena Miro, the controversial blogger, had perished in an automobile accident. The girl was involved in a serious accident in the United States, as per the information obtained from the Admin-Anshlag Telegram channel. She went into a coma following the accident, however it’s unclear how long she was asleep, and she passed away the other day. The source further states that only the mother took a plane to the deceased’s funeral. In response, the father said that karma had taken over his daughter.

Recall that the scandalous LiveJournal blog that Lena Miro, whose actual name is Elena Mironenko, maintained helped propel her to fame. It is said that the girl began publishing a magazine in order to advertise her own novels. But she was unable to stop herself from “digging” through the filthy laundry because the brawler had become so engrossed in it.

Lena wrote about every celebrity in our industry, from well-known figures to Sobchak, Kirkorov, and Milyavskaya. She didn’t think twice to voice her thoughts and instead revealed the dark side of Russian celebs. Despite threats from other artists to sue her for violating her honor and dignity, Miro remained unfazed.

But Lena had to take an enforced “break” from her artistic endeavors in March of last year. According to the most recent blog post, it is closed permanently. “Everything eventually comes to an end. This is not unique in any way. “Everything needs to change because everything changes,” Miro remarked, seemingly anticipating her fate.


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