Gemini Issue Update : Following allegations that its new AI-powered photo-editing tool was over-correcting to reduce the possibility of being racist, Google is scrambling to address the issue.
Even though the company’s Gemini bot provided historically erroneous photos of a range of genders and ethnicities, users complained that the bot did so.
For instance, a prompt looking for pictures of the founding fathers of America produced images of women and people of color.

According to the corporation, the gadget was “missing the mark”.
“A diverse range of persons are produced using Gemini’s AI picture production. Additionally, the fact that it is used by people worldwide is usually a positive thing. However, this is where it falls short, according to Jack Krawczyk, senior director of Gemini Experiences.

“We’re working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately,” he stated.
AI has made mistakes about diversity in real-world situations before.
Google, for instance, notably had to issue an apology nearly ten years ago after mislabeling a picture of a black couple as “gorillas” on its pictures app.

When users discovered that OpenAI, a rival AI company, was primarily displaying images of white men when it came to answering questions about chief executive, for example, its Dall-E image generator was criticized of feeding negative stereotypes.
Google unveiled the most recent version of Gemini last week in response to pressure to demonstrate that it is keeping up with advances in AI.
In response to written inquiries, the bot generates images.

Critics instantly took to it, charging that the corporation had trained the bot to be absurdly sensitive.
Computer scientist Debarghya Das wrote, “It’s embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist.”
“Come on,” wrote humorist and novelist Frank J. Fleming in reaction to the results he received requesting a picture of a Viking from publications such as the right-wing PJ Media.

The allegations gained traction in US right-wing circles, where a number of large internet companies are already receiving criticism for purported leftist bias.
According to Mr. Krawczyk, the corporation wanted its outcomes to accurately reflect the diversity of its user base, representing all regions of the world.
“Historical contexts have more nuance to them and we will further tune to accommodate that,”


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