: On Friday, India sent supersonic cruise missiles known as BrahMos to the Philippines. A $375 million agreement between the two nations in January 2022 cleared the path for bilateral agreements on BrahMos and other defense cooperation.
Three export variants of the high-speed BrahMos missile system would be provided to Manila by the joint company between Russia and India, BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd.

The agreement also covers training for operators and maintainers, which the island nation will require for the BrahMos, as well as an integrated logistics support package.
Now, two years after the agreement was signed, the first shipment of weapons has made it to the Philippines. Two missile launchers, a radar unit, and a command and control center make up each system. With the use of this technology, two missiles may be fired in ten seconds from land-based platforms, ships, submarines, and airplanes.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed fellow citizens following India’s delivery of the Philippines’ BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles.
At a rally in Domah, Prime Minister Modi declared, “We are now selling BrahMos missiles as well. This missile’s initial shipment is scheduled to arrive in the Philippines today. I commend my fellow citizens on this.
The cruise missiles were transported from India to the Philippines by an Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster jet. India is exporting the BrahMos missile for the first time.

A number of countries have also indicated interest in purchasing BrahMos missiles from India, including Argentina. At 2.8 Mach, or almost three times the speed of sound, the BrahMos missile is propelled forward.

Amid growing international concerns about China’s increasing military actions in the South China Sea, India seeks to deepen defense cooperation with the Philippines.

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