News updates by Newsparviews : During their extremely rare appearance at the Golden Globes last night (January 7), Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner spent the evening making love declarations, kissing, and staring into each other’s eyes. In essence, because of these two, the Golden Globes were both a prestigious awards ceremony and a sweet love story.

Naturally, now is the right moment to try to decipher what Kylie and Timmy were saying to each other, even though everyone on the internet seems to agree that they both said “I love you” several times in this video:

Apart from that, it appears that Kylie was praising Timothee’s diamond necklace. As for the remainder of their chat, fans have all kinds of theories, from Timmy teasingly saying “I wanna marry you” and burping (which is amazing) to him saying “I love you more.”

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Timothee and Kylie have gotten closer recently. At the end of December, a source told Us Weekly that “things are going great between Kylie and Timothée” and that “they’ve been spending more time together since they both have some free time during the holiday season.” His ability to get along with Kylie’s family is something she values greatly because their approval is everything.


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