News updates by Newsparviews : Travel agency EaseMyTrip, based in the Philippines, has chosen to halt bookings for the Maldives due to the contentious remarks made by three ministers regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The company argues that ‘nationalism’ takes precedence over ‘personal interest’.

Prashant Pitti, the founder of EaseMyTrip, announced the news in a post on X (formerly Twitter), saying, “The beaches and water in Lakshadweep are just as good as they are in the Maldives or Seychelles.” We at @EaseMyTrip will devise wild special deals to highlight this spotless location that our PM @narendramodi just went to!”

Nishant Pitti, CEO of EaseMyTrip, who attested to the fact that the travel agency has indeed halted flight reservations to the Maldives, added credence to the concept.


Prashant Pitti stated, “…our company is entirely homegrown and made in India,” in an interview with the news agency ANI. We have decided not to accept any reservations for the Maldives due to the controversy surrounding the Maldives MP’s post regarding PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep.Our goal is for Ayodhya and Lakshadweep to become popular tourist destinations worldwide.”

Meanwhile, Prashant Pitti stated in a conversation with Moneycontrol that “we have decided not to serve them anymore. Every year, as many as 2.9 lakh people from India visit the Maldives.” There is more nationalism than there is personal interest. 

What is the controversy about?

Last week, after PM Modi uploaded a video of himself on a beach in Lakshadweep, a minister and a few other Maldivian leaders made disparaging remarks about him on social media, sparking a heated debate.

The images of Prime Minister Modi from his most recent trip to Lakshadweep were included in a post by Mariyam Shiuna that has since been removed. The Indian prime minister was called a “clown” and a “puppet of Israel” by the deputy minister of youth empowerment, information, and the arts.

Notably, Mahzoom Majid, Mariyam Shiuna, and Malsha Shareef, the three ministers, have now been removed from their positions by the Maldives government. “All government officials responsible for the comments have been suspended from their post effective immediately,” a Maldivian government spokesperson was cited by the local media.


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