More and more well-known people are regularly using Snapchat to provide their fans deeper glimpses into their daily lives. It is currently the simplest way to generate money on social media, according to a number of celebrities.

Isabel Raad (29), for example, is open about the fact that she makes a lot of money by uploading stuff on the network. She tells her followers on Wednesday that she can make several tens of thousands of kroner a day.

 Although I haven’t said anything about precise amounts, I notice that more and more individuals are doing it. You are also highly curious, I know that. I make about NOK 25,000 a day on average, she explains.

The influencer claims that she can also make between NOK 40,000 and NOK 60,000 by posting content on Snapchat, although her daily earnings consistently exceed that amount.

 The question is how much I post. The best day I’ve had was NOK 90,000 in one day. It was absolutely insane actually. I thought it was a mistake, but it actually wasn’t, she reveals further in the video.

The 29-year-old has close to 300,000 followers and reveals that she can have over 30 million views a day.

According to Raad, the money she earns on Snapchat will come from advertising and other advertisements that appear between the many photos and videos she shares.


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