The Glock is owned by Bruce Willis in “Die Hard 2” and Tommy Lee Jones in “The Hunt.” After becoming well-known for creating the fabled handgun, Austrian businessman Gaston Glock passed away.

Gaston-Glock, a pistol creator, passed away. This was disclosed on his website on Wednesday night by the company that bears his name. The fairly reclusive Glock established his armaments business in Lower Austria in 1963, and it currently has locations all over the world.

With about 2,000 workers, the Glock firm supplies the troops of France and Great Britain in addition to the Austrian Armed Forces. Approximately 80% of police officers in the United States currently carry Glock handguns.

Heroes and villains in Hollywood movies frequently carry this weapon. They carried a Glock, among other things, with Tommy Lee Jones in “On the Hunt” and Bruce Willis in “Die Hard 2.”

Armed with guns bearing his name, police and military officers worldwide had a devoted following of Austrians. In 2021, Forbes, a US publication, projected that his and his family’s wealth will be $1.1 billion.

A simple-to-assemble semi-automatic gun

When the Austrian military was searching for a novel and inventive weapon in the 1980s, Glock’s climb began. Up until that point, the Glock company produced curtain rods and military knives for civilian use. The Glock 17 is a lightweight, mostly plastic semi-automatic handgun that was designed by the firm with assistance from a group of military experts.

The simple-to-assemble weapon gained popularity all around the world. Rappers employed them in their lyrics, and numerous US police officers used them; yet, handguns were also used in atrocities. Twelve people were killed in a Thousand Oaks, California bar by a former US soldier. Nine African Americans were killed by a white supremacist in a Charleston, South Carolina, church in June 2015.

Glock mostly stayed out of the spotlight. He declined, along with other gun manufacturers, to sign a voluntary gun control deal with the US government in 2000, according to the Reuters news agency. Glock, who was 70 years old at the time, escaped a hammer assassination attempt in 1999. Later prison sentences were imposed on a business partner and a foreign legionnaire who was purportedly employed.

Heinz-Christian Strache, the vice chancellor of Austria at the time, and other prominent Austrians disputed that Glock would donate to the FPÖ in the 2019 SPIEGEL and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” Ibiza video.

2011 saw the end of Glock and Helga Glock’s 49-year marriage. The two fought about maintenance payments in court for a long time. His second wife, Kathrin, who is about 50 years younger than him, was married to him shortly after.


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