News From The World : At the age of 87, banker Lord Jacob Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild banking family, passed away.
His family referred to Lord Rothschild as “a towering presence in many peoples’ lives” in a statement released on Monday.
He started his professional career with NM Rothschild & Sons, the family bank, and then launched his own wealth management fund. He was renowned for being a generous man.

Former prime minister Tony Blair called his “dear friend” a “wonderful human being” and paid respect to him.

Lord Rothschild, who was born in 1936 in Berkshire, attended Eton College and later Christ Church, Oxford, to study history.
Once he and his cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild had a falling out, he departed the family bank in 1980. He had joined in 1963.
He then established investment trust RIT Capital, which he led until 2019, and went on to create his own financial empire in the City of London.

The Sunday Times Rich List from the previous year assessed the Rothschild family’s wealth at around £825 million.

According to a statement issued by his family, Lord Rothschild was “a superbly accomplished financier, a champion of the arts and culture, a devoted public servant, a passionate supporter of charitable causes in Israel and Jewish culture, a keen environmentalist and much-loved friend, father, and grandfather.”
In addition, Lord Rothschild served as director of RHJ International, which is now known as BHF Kleinwort Benson Group, deputy chairman of BSkyB Television, and a member of the council for the Duchy of Cornwall on behalf of the then-Prince of Wales.

Sir Tony Blair expressed his sympathies to the Rothschild family and said he will truly miss his friend.
“He was of course a towering figure in Britain’s Jewish community but his impact was global in his support for great causes, including in the arts and the environment, and in his tireless work to advance peace in the Middle East.”
Among his many acts of support were his chairmanship of the National Lottery Heritage Fund and his lifelong patronage of the National Gallery, where he presided over the board of trustees from 1985 to 1991.

The National Gallery expressed its sadness upon learning of his passing on X, the former Twitter platform.
“Jacob Rothschild was a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and cultural leader.”Our hearts go out to his family and Love One.

Prior to her passing in 2019, Lady Serena Rothschild and Lord Rothschild were wed for over 50 years. Their family consisted of four kids.
The Rothschild banking family originated in Frankfurt in the eighteenth century, and family members subsequently relocated to various European locations in order to expand their banking enterprises.
When Nathan Mayer Rothschild purchased British government bonds in 1815 in anticipation of Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo, the bank made a fortune.

From 1976 to 2003, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the cousin of Lord Jacob Rothschild, chaired NM Rothschild and is rumored to have counseled Queen Elizabeth II on financial concerns.


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