Tech Gadgets Updates : OnePlus is well aware of the failure of its debut smartwatch. I’m still plagued by that launch and the terrible experience I had reviewing it, almost three years later. I’m apprehensive about OnePlus’s return with a second-generation smartwatch, but the changes are promising. The $299.99 OnePlus Watch 2 will reportedly have a battery life of up to 100 hours thanks to a unique dual-engine design in addition to running Google’s Wear OS 4. Oh, and Google Assistant will be included.

The BES 2700 MCU and the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5, two distinct chipsets, are the most intriguing hardware aspect of the OnePlus Watch 2. The end product is a dual-OS framework that has a slight TicWatch Pro 5 sound to it. The BES 2700 MCU will manage “simple tasks” and background activities using an RTOS. The Snapdragon W5 will handle heavier jobs, such as apps, in the interim. You get that claimed 100 hours of battery life with this plus a 500mAh battery.

That being said, there is a disclaimer. The 100-hour estimate is based on regular use in smart mode, which is defined as 30 minutes of GPS activity logged with the always-on display switched off. It reduces to 48 hours in instances with high utilization, such as when the AOD is turned on. That’s still not too bad for a Wear OS watch, though. Moreover, the watch can be quickly charged with OnePlus’ unique cradle and pogo pin charger. About an hour is needed for a complete charge. Additionally, it may be set up with up to 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

The OnePlus Watch 2 adheres to a more traditional analog watch style, including a circular face. With a sapphire crystal lens and a stainless steel chassis, it is available in a single size. It boasts 5ATM and IP68 water and dust resistance certifications, and it is available in black and “radiant” steel hues. Additionally, there is an action button that provides a shortcut to different workout modes.

In terms of fitness and health capabilities, the OnePlus Watch 2 will contain sophisticated running metrics including ground contact time, ground balance, and VO2 max in addition to tracking over 100 sports. It contains dual-frequency GPS and an optical eight-channel heart rate sensor. In difficult settings like cities or deep forests, the latter means the watch can access the L5 satellite frequency, which translates to more precise GPS data. Thus far, more robust smartwatches such as the Apple Watch Ultra and the Garmin Fenix 7 series have incorporated this capability. In addition, it will measure stress and sleep and provide a snoring risk evaluation.

Once more, this seems like a promising wristwatch on paper. With Fossil out of the picture, OnePlus now has a chance to establish itself as a competitive third-party Android watch alternative. In terms of feature set, cost, battery life, and design, it checks a lot of the appropriate boxes. It’s a wise decision to upgrade to Wear OS 4, especially considering Google Assistant will be included at launch. Due to the fact that many third-party Wear OS watches still lack the digital assistant, this has been a pain point for Android users. Those who desire that feature, however, are usually forced to choose between a borrowed-time Fossil watch, a Samsung Galaxy watch, or a Pixel watch. The one drawback is that, in contrast to Fossil, iOS will not work with this watch.

However, the first OnePlus Watch likewise had great potential but fell short in every way. The way this new watch is implemented will determine whether it succeeds or fails. I will be thoroughly testing my review unit both prior to and following its official release. The good news is that since the bar is so low, even just getting things to work as they should will be a significant improvement.
Sales of the OnePlus Watch 2 will begin on March 4th. In order to sweeten the deal, OnePlus is providing a one-time opportunity to trade in any watch, smart or not, in any condition for an extra $50.


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