Actress and politician Pasupuleti Madhavi Latha is well-known for her roles in Tamil and Telugu movies. She became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2018 and ran in the 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election from the Guntur West constituency.

When Madhavi Latha, a BJP candidate from Hyderabad, personally checked the voter identification cards of Muslim women wearing burqas on Monday, she courted controversy. Latha claimed there were inconsistencies in the voter list, thus she was doing it to ascertain the validity of voters. This happened at polling place number 122 in her constituency’s Azampur area.

The BJP candidate contended that several voters’ names had been inadvertently removed. In addition, she claimed that a number of individuals who were not from Goshamahal were inadvertently registered as Rangareddy jurisdiction residents.

After more BJP workers were arrested by the police, the scene became more heated. Latha next went to the Mangalhat police station, where the employees had been taken into custody.

Following the event, the BJP candidate is the subject of a case against the Malakpet police station. By examining the ID cards and faces of women under her Hyderabad constituency who were wearing burqas, Latha is accused of invading their privacy.

Sections 171C, 186, and 505(1)(c) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 132 of the Representation of the People Act are the legal bases for the case.

About Madhavi Latha

Actress and politician Pasupuleti Madhavi Latha is well-known for her roles in Tamil and Telugu movies. Her breakthrough performance as the lead female character in the 2008 box office hit “Nachavule,” which took home three Nandi Awards, catapulted her to stardom. Additionally, Latha starred in the movies “Aravind 2” (2013), “Snehituda” (2009), and “Aambala” (2015).
In Hubli, Karnataka, Madhavi Latha was born into a Telugu household. Her parents are from the Andhra coast. She studied postgraduate studies at Mysore University after receiving her degree from Gulbarga University in Karnataka.

Latha joined the BJP in 2018. In the 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, she ran for office from the Guntur West constituency but ended up finishing fourth, losing the seat.

In Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM and a sitting MP, will face BJP candidate Madhavi Latha.


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