Natasha Diddee, a well-known food blogger who went by the moniker The Gutless Foodie, passed dead.

Her older brother broke the news of her passing on social media, mentioning how she had chosen to share her love of cooking with others.

“My younger sister Natasha, who was lovingly called Natoo by her family and close friends, passed away yesterday shortly after her 50th birthday. Natasha had been living without a stomach for the past twelve years,” Sam Diddee wrote. The unbearable anguish of losing a younger family member is beyond words.

“Natoo had a strong personality and left her mark wherever she went,” he continued. It would be impossible to adequately capture her complexity in a brief post because she was a complex person. I can, however, state with absolute sure that she loved someone with all of her heart. The fortunate one to receive such affection was me.

Sam went on, “She made the decision to not allow her stomach rule her life when it was removed entirely twelve years ago. She made the decision to use her Instagram account, @thegutlessfoodie, to share her love of cooking with the world. I was persuaded to write about wine on Instagram by Natoo, and it has been a fantastic addition to my wine experience. hence for that, I am really grateful to her.”


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