In response to the photos that PM Modi posted from his trip to Lakshadweep, an X user said, “Looks like a must-visit place.” I’m grateful, Modi ji

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveled to Lakshadweep to officially launch a number of development initiatives and lay the groundwork for more. He took a break from his hectic schedule to tour the islands while he was there. He tried snorkeling and took early walks on the immaculate beaches. Today, January 4, PM Modi posted a few images from his trip to Lakshadweep on X. Many people have added the union territory to their list of things to do as a result.

I just got the chance to spend time with the Lakshadweep community. The breathtaking scenery of its islands and the extraordinarily kind people never cease to astound me. I had the chance to talk to folks in Kavaratti, Bangaram, and Agatti. I express my gratitude to the islanders for their kindness. Here are a few glimpses, which include aerial views from Lakshadweep,” PM Modi posted on X along with a few images.

He tweeted a photo of himself at a beach in the union territory along with the words, “Lakshadweep’s tranquillity is mesmerising, in addition to its scenic beauty.” It provided me with a chance to consider how I could put in even more effort to ensure the wellbeing of India’s 140 crore people.

In addition, he uploaded a few photos of himself snorkeling, calling the event “exhilarating.” If you want to discover your inner explorer, Lakshadweep should definitely be on your itinerary. I also went snorkeling when I was there, and it was an incredible experience!


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