New city in NCR: You will find the vibe of places like Singapore and Chicago both domestically and overseas. One such city, which is intended to be built along Singaporean lines, will be built about 40 kilometers from Delhi. This new city, which is expected to be the greatest in the NCR, will be built on the grounds of 84 villages spread among three major NCR towns.

The construction of this city involves the amalgamation of 84 villages located in Noida, Dadri, and Bulandshahr. Dadri Noida Ghaziabad Investment Region is the name that has been decided upon thus far (DNGIR). The architecture of this new metropolis, called New Noida, would be modeled after that of Singapore. The Master Plan 2041 for this city was approved in the Tuesday meeting, along with an internal budget of Rs 1,000 crore for the same purpose.

Why is there a need to develop new Noida?

Only a few sections next to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway remain undeveloped in all of Noida’s more than 95% developed areas. There isn’t any more land available for city expansion in such a scenario. To support the industrial sector, a new Noida must be established. In contrast, Delhi NCR is seeing a rise in population. A portion of it has also been set aside for residential use in this case. The MD of Migson Group, Yash Miglani, claims that the new Noida will surpass the quality of the existing NCR cities. Investment in the area will rise as more people are drawn to this new metropolis and away from the traffic of Delhi-NCR.

CMD of Saya Group According to Vikas Bhasin, the growth of New Noida will fundamentally alter the landscape for the region as a whole. With its factories, offices, schools, and residential areas, this massive project aims to satisfy the increasing needs of Noida’s populace. New Noida is going to have a bright and exciting future.


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