Russia War Preparation : According to top Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev, Russia is holding nuclear drills to prepare for any attack on its territory that would be supported by the West.
In the midst of the current conflict with Ukraine, Russia is preparing to carry out tactical nuclear weapons drills, according to Medvedev’s statement. Russia has won several battles in Ukraine in recent months as the defenders have been outgunned and lacking in spirit.
Medvedev also stated that any Russian retaliation to such an attack would not be restricted to Ukraine, a thinly veiled threat to the West.

The nuclear drills are happening at a time when the West is enabling Ukraine to launch assaults within Russia using Western weaponry, according to Medvedev. Ukraine has been attacking deep-seated Russian targets for a number of months, including oil refineries and military installations.
At the moment, Medvedev serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, which is the highest authority on all security-related issues within the Russian presidential administration. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, serves as the Chairman ex officio. Prior to this, Medvedev was Russia’s prime minister from 2012 to 20 and president from 2008 to 12.

Medvedev has issued a warning that Russian retaliation will not be limited to Ukraine in response to actions within Russia that are allegedly being supported by the West.
“Under specific conditions, the answer will be sent to Kiev in addition to containing special munitions in addition to ordinary explosives. And the purpose of the scheduled military exercise is to practice responding to such attacks. That should be understood even by His Royal Majesty’s semiliterate idiots, Medvedev wrote in a post on X (previously Twitter).
It appears that the phrase “special kind of arms” refers to nuclear weapons. In case Russia is attacked by Western weaponry, Medvedev’s remark seems to be a subtly stated threat concerning possible Russian nuclear strikes on Western countries.


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