Latest News Updates From Russia: The word has gone around the network that Putin, the “bunker,” has a new mistress who is nearly half his age. Ekaterina Mizulina is her name, and she is a well-known public figure in Russia. like a “nyash-mash of the spill in Moscow.” What is known about Ekaterina Mizulina, her activities in the Russian Federation, and the reason she is connected to the “roosters,” according to RBC-Ukraine (Styler project).

Who is Ekaterina Mizulina

On September 1, 1984, Ekaterina Mizulina was born in Yaroslavl. Her father, Mikhail Mizulin, is an associate professor in the RANEPA Department of Political Science and Political Management. Mother: Sofed Elena Mizulina member and deputy to the State Duma. Nikolai Mizulin, Katya’s brother, is six years her senior. He doesn’t appear in public, is married, and resides overseas. concerning Catherine’s private life—more specifically, concerning her spouse and kids—nothing is known.
When Ekaterina was a schoolgirl, her parents relocated to Moscow. She has always been interested in art and has studied English, German, Chinese, Indonesian, and French, among other foreign languages. enjoys dancing.

After earning her degree from Moscow State University in 2010, she started working in the charitable sector. She translated from Chinese for official Russian delegations to China while she was still a student. She was named director of the “Safe Internet League” of the Association of Internet Industry Market Participants in 2017.
Through her actions, Mizulina promotes Internet censorship, fines, and other penalties for media outlets and social media platforms that break Russian law. Her endeavors on this subject are frequently featured in the media. Her comments hurt a lot of websites and celebrities.

What does “roosters” have to do with it?

She referred to the deceased Russian nationals who oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “roosters that crow” and said that their exodus from the nation is a purging of undesirable people during her address on May 26, 2022, at MIA Rossiya Segodnya. Further threats were directed at Wikipedia and Google: “We will eradicate Nazis and Banderaites from Ukraine first, and then we will access Google and Wikipedia,” Mizulina declared.
Mizulina was added to the list of 27 EU nations under sanctions on January 29, 2024, for violating human rights and for “serious and systematic violations of freedom of expression.”

Mizulina and Putin

The media has reported that Putin’s latest mistress is Ekaterina Mizulina, the fervently pro-Putin and anti-Ukrainian senator’s daughter.
Olga Romanova, a Russian human rights campaigner, stated: “Katya Mizulina is exactly to Putin’s taste. He has always fit in quite nicely with this ***** Barbie type.” According to the local media, the two had gotten close.
Romanova likened her to Svetlana Krivonogikh, the multimillionaire owner of a strip club in St. Petersburg and purported mother of Putin’s 20-year-old beloved daughter Louise. Krivonogikh was also Putin’s previous lover.

Olga remarked, “Let’s not speak about age; Putin is 71 years old. The dude is generally in full bloom, so why not? Katya Mizulina is 39 years old, after all. Let’s not forget for the time being that she supports conventional values. similar to Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s longstanding lover.

Mizulina was previously accused of having an affair with well-known Russian performer SHAMAN. When Mizulina shared pictures of herself with the singer SHAMAN (Yaroslav Dronov) on social media in the summer of 2023, there were initial reports of a strong relationship between the leader of the Safe Internet League and Mizulina. She acknowledged that the Russian anthem and Dronov’s songs are the only ones she listens to.


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