The Russians lost four Su-34s and two Su-35s. The Ukrainian Air Force has destroyed six Russian aircraft, two Su-35s and four Su-34s, in the last three days alone. The Russian army had to pay almost $400 million in compensation for this.
With two Su-34 fighter-bombers and one Su-35 fighter down, the Ukrainian Air Force claimed to have shot down three enemy aircraft simultaneously in Vostochny on February 17.
A fourth Russian fighter was brought to them early on Sunday morning.

The Vostok Air Command personnel landed a second Russian aircraft, a Su-34 fighter-bomber, in the eastern direction at around six o’clock, according to the Air Force.

The countdown continued, as on Monday, February 20, citizens of Mariupol, which is under occupation, reported explosions and a jet that crashed into the sea. Subsequently, social media claimed that the signal from two Russian planes abruptly vanished from radars. Ultimately, the Su-34 fighter-bomber and the Su-35S fighter, two Russian aircraft that were conducting guided bomb strikes against our soldiers’ positions, were shot down, according to a report from the Ukrainian Air Force.

Su-34 fighter-bomber

Among the most advanced aircraft used by the Russian occupants were the Su-34 and Su-35. The Russian Federation is still producing aircraft, but only two or three Su-34 models a year, despite the lengthier and more difficult production process that has resulted from the sanctions.
Based on the Su-27, the Russian fighter-bomber Su-34 was developed. It can attack moving targets and is made to strike them. Its primary duty is to carry out accurate strikes on targets in different configurations, ranging from enemy aircraft to ground targets located behind enemy lines during combat operations.

There are two members of the Su-34 fighter’s crew. The aircraft has 12 points for carrying a combat load, which should not exceed 8 tons, and is equipped with a 30 mm cannon. A target can be identified by the radar system up to a distance of 75,000 meters. One can achieve 1,900 km/h in flight.
The Su-34 fighter-bomber costs roughly half a billion dollars. Simultaneously, the aircraft’s cost is directly linked to its extra capabilities, and while Russia can buy some of its components from other nations, it does not manufacture all of them.


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