Congressman Rahul Gandhi put PM Modi to the test by asking him to explain how certain businesses gave electoral bonds to the BJP as soon as the central investigation agency saw them.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, charged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the “mastermind” behind the “scam” using electoral bonds. He claimed that after his swindle was discovered, the prime minister is now doing interviews.
In an interview with the news agency ANI, Prime Minister Modi stated that “everyone will regret it when there is an honest reflection” and that the electoral bonds were intended to reduce the amount of dirty money. In addition, he attacked the opposition for “spreading lies” over electoral connections.

“PM Modi is the brains of the world’s largest extortion racket. Ask the Prime Minister to explain how the CBI launches an investigation one day, the BJP receives funding shortly thereafter, and the CBI investigation is subsequently shelved. Large contracts, infrastructure contracts—the business donates cash and gets the contract right away,” the Congressman remarked.
Gandhi claimed that if one looks at the names and dates on the electoral bonds, they will discover that either the funders received contracts shortly after purchasing the bonds, or THE CBI’s investigation into them was discontinued.

Rahul Gandhi said to the media on Monday, “Pradhan Mantri pakde gaye hai isiliye ANI ko interview de rahe hai (Prime Minister has been caught which is why he is giving interview to ANI),”
The Congress leader further pressed PM Modi to provide an explanation for how certain businesses gave electoral bonds to the BJP as soon as the central investigation agency became aware of them.
On February 15 of this year, the Supreme Court invalidated the electoral bonds plan. The plan was deemed “unconstitutional” by it. The opposition parties have criticized the plan since it did not reveal the donors’ identities.


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