Dubai weather: According to the Dubai Airport website, flights to and from India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK are delayed or canceled on April 16.

Tuesday saw flash floods in Dubai following a downpour that caused aircraft delays and cancellations as well as disruptions to public transit.
On social media, shocking images of the tarmac of Dubai International Airport submerged by floodwaters with big aircraft attempting to take off was shared. There were apparently several canceled flights, both inbound and outward.
The spray from the planes’ movement flowed through the deep water at the airport, which is currently the second busiest airport in the world, giving the impression that it was a river.

The UAE has had the most rain in 75 years, surpassing records.
According to reports, heavy flooding on the access roads around Dubai that lead to the airport on Tuesday caused severe operational problems, forcing the airport to close for thirty minutes and divert a number of flights.


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