Pradhan, 22, has demonstrated academic brilliance. In addition to earning a 98.8% in Class XII, he served as the school’s head boy from 2016 to 2017.

After losing both of his parents in the course of six years, Animesh Pradhan, who scored an AIR 2 on the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2023, remarked that anyone can succeed in difficult circumstances. After completing his B Tech in Computer Science at NIT Rourkela, Pradhan works for Indian Oil Corporation. His father, Prabhakar Pradhan, was the principal of a local college in the colliery town of Talcher in the Angul district, and he went away in 2017. Pradhan’s mother, Aruna, passed away from cancer in January of this year.

“Until the very end, my mother was fighting cancer for me. My mother was receiving cancer treatment, so I had a difficult time getting ready for the civil services. When I eventually made it, she isn’t there, even though she wanted me to see crack UPSC. My sister and father also contributed significantly to my accomplishment,” said Pradhan, an Indian Oil information systems executive.

Despite it being his first time taking the UPSC civil services exam, Pradhan said he did not enroll in a full-time tutoring program. “I had enrolled in numerous coaching institutes’ test series and mentorship programs. Hard work is indispensible in my opinion, however some degree of luck is cited. Pradhan, who chose sociology as his elective for the test, remarked, “If I can succeed in a difficult scenario, anyone can too.

Pradhan, 22, has demonstrated academic brilliance. In addition to earning a 98.8% in Class XII, he served as the school’s head boy from 2016 to 2017.
Odisha’s 36th-place finisher, Ayushi Pradhan, expressed her delight at having improved her All India Rank from 231 in the 2022 exams. It was her third try at it.

“In 2021, I began preparing for the civil services exams. I stayed at home and took online tutoring after selecting my subjects. For my accomplishment and my scores on the civil services exam, I am grateful to God and my parents,” Pradhan stated.

According to Rashmi Rradhan, an Odisha native who passed the UPSC Civil Service Examinations in 2023 and placed 319th, hard effort is the only thing that can replace it. I was taking the civil services examination for the fourth time. I currently work for Indian Railways. She added that it is not required for candidates to go to Delhi for tutoring. “In my fourth attempt, I made some changes in preparations like improving my answer-writing skills in the Mains and faced more mock tests,” she stated.

There are plenty of resources available right now, including sample exams, online coaching, and mentoring. When preparing for the civil services, candidates have to follow internet instructions, the speaker said.
At least 26 applicants from Odisha have passed the Civil Services Examinations this time, according to early reports.


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