Celebrities from the NFL world, including Stephen A. Smith and Colin Cowherd, cheered Jimmy Johnson on during a heartfelt Ring of Honor ceremony for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones had a falling out with the Super Bowl-winning coach that lasted more than thirty years, and for many years he refused to give him credit.

And there was a perception that the Dallas Cowboys’ inability to give credit to their management, who won back-to-back titles, was the reason the franchise hadn’t won the Super Bowl this century. They haven’t gone to the NFC Championship since the year 2000, so forget about winning it all.


Thus, Jerry Johnson’s decision to commemorate Jimmy Johnson and eventually swallow his pride touched a lot of people in the NFL community. Well-known experts think this might turn around the American team’s situation, as they are now at last challenging for titles.

Colin Cowherd and Stephen A. Smith were inspired by Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys Ring of Honor ceremony.

Cowboys fan Stephen A. Smith is not. Even Colin Cowherd has occasionally been critical of the team. But seeing Jimmy Johnson earn a spot in the Dallas Ring of Honor touched even the most cynical pundits.

Renowned Cowboys fan Skip Bayless declares Jimmy Johnson to be the best coach of all time.

Consider the history of the Dallas Cowboys. The most valuable franchise! The Team of America! All of that resulted from a few outstanding men elevating an expansion team to the pinnacle of the league. The majority of their early successes were attributed to their coach, Tom Landry.

However, Skip Bayless—who has never shied away from hurting people’s feelings—said Jimmy Johnson is the best coach the Cowboys have ever had. Having seen both of them, the Dallas fan declared that he gives the coach who has won two Super Bowls the advantage.

Ultimately, Johnson was as cordial as ever in public, even though he might be secretly reveling in the attention of everyone praising him. Prior to thanking the Cowboys supporters, he expressed gratitude to his assistant coaches and players at his induction ceremony. In addition, he expressed gratitude to his family for all of their sacrifices. The former Dallas head coach demonstrated in that instant why he is so adored by both generations of fans and his former players.

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