Delhi Politics : Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, declared at her first-ever roadshow in favor of the AAP’s East Delhi candidate on Saturday night that her husband is a “sher” (lion) and that no one can defeat him.
With her hands folded, Sunita Kejriwal stood through a car’s sunroof to greet voters in the East Delhi constituency’s Kondli region.
She added that the chief minister of Delhi was imprisoned for constructing schools, giving out free energy, and starting Mohalla Clinics.

Sunita Kejriwal declared, “We will vote to remove dictatorship and save democracy.”
Party leaders have stated that Arvind Kejriwal’s wife will lead the AAP’s election campaign and conduct roadshows, one of which will take place on Sunday in the West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. Arvind Kejriwal is currently serving a prison sentence for money laundering.
According to party sources, Sunita Kejriwal would also support AAP candidates in Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, and the constituencies of South and New Delhi.


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