US Politics Picture : The governor of South Dakota, a leading candidate for the Republican vice presidency, responded sharply to a news article concerning a passage in her upcoming book in which she talks about killing her 14-month-old puppy.
Noem spoke about her daughter’s anguish and the death of their dog on their property in her biography. Many political opponents leveled harsh criticism at the startling incident. Noem entered the mainstream of politics when rumors began to circulate that she was a potential running partner for former US President Donald Trump.

Noem wrote about her experiences killing her 14-month-old puppy, Cricket, a female wirehaired pointer, and an unidentified goat in the book. The Guardian broke the initial story about the book excerpt. Noem, who described herself as a “avid hunter,” stated that she wished to go pheasant hunting with her dog, “Cricket.”
She described the dog as “less than worthless” as a hunting dog, “untrainable,” and “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with.” As stated in the passage published by The Guardian, “I hated that dog.”

According to her writing, she shot the dog in a gavel pit. A male goat that she shot that same day was also described as “nasty and mean.” She mentioned that she had shot the male goad twice in her description of her “valorous actions.”

She also remembered the moment her daughter questioned, “Hey, where’s Cricket?” and stated that Kennedy, her little toddler, “looked around confused.”
Noem writes, “I guess if I were a better politician, I wouldn’t tell the story here,” in the book, which Center Street is scheduled to release on May 7.

What defense did Noem offer?

The former governor of South Dakota defended her conduct on X, formerly known as Twitter. We adore animals, but on a farm, difficult choices like this are frequently made. On X, the former Twitter platform, she said, “Unfortunately, we had to put down three horses a few weeks ago that had been in our family for 25 years.”
“Preorder ‘No Going Back’ if you want more real, honest, politically incorrect stories that will have the media in stitches,” she continued.


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