NEW DELHI : On Monday, hundreds of people were summoned to participate in the jury selection process for Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York. But more than half of the initial pool of 96 prospective jurors acknowledged they couldn’t be impartial to Trump, which put a stop to the proceedings. This makes it difficult to locate an unbiased jury in a community where Trump is not popular.
As a result, the court had to excuse them from serving on the jury, underscoring the challenge of putting together a fair panel for a case of this magnitude.

Judge Juan Merchan inquired whether there was any other reason why at least nine other potential jurors could not serve, and they raised their hands to be excused.
Eighteen potential jurors were chosen at random and asked pre-arranged screening questions about their background, interests, and ability to remain impartial.
Merchan has stated that the jury that will decide the fate of perhaps one of the most well-known and controversial figures in history will be chosen from a pool of up to 500 Manhattan citizens.

Jurors are required to complete a questionnaire that includes inquiries about their membership in far-right organizations connected to Trump.
One lady in her 30s was heard remarking, “I just couldn’t do it,” when the prospective jurors—a varied bunch representing a range of ages and ethnicities from Manhattan—entered the courtroom. They entered the courtroom, went by Trump, and took their seats. A few strained to get a better look at the former president. Standing and turning, Trump gave them a subdued smile as the judge announced him as the defendant.

Upon welcoming the potential jurors to his courtroom, Justice Juan M. Merchan commenced his description of the case. The Manhattan district attorney’s office had accused Trump of fabricating documents in order to conceal a sexual scandal. If found guilty on all 34 felony counts, he may spend the next four years behind bars.
Trump stayed bent over the defense table all afternoon on Monday as Merchan gave the prospective jurors instructions.

Upon hearing the judge clarify that, in the event of a conviction, it would be his responsibility to impose a sentence, Trump laughed cynically. When Merchan promised a fair trial, he chuckled again, and Bragg watched from the second row.
Over a dozen court officers were positioned throughout the Manhattan courtroom as the selection process proceeded, and Trump struggled to see the potential jurors. It is expected that selecting the 12 jurors—who have been granted anonymity in order to protect them from possible bribery or injury—will be a drawn-out and difficult procedure. One of Trump’s attorneys stated that it might take up to two weeks.


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