According to HD Kumaraswamy, the JD(S) has suspended Prajwal Revanna, his nephew, due to accusations of sexual abuse.

Prajwal Revanna sex scandal news: Tuesday is expected to see Prajwal Revanna, the Janata Dal (Secular) MP from Hassan, Karnataka, banned from the party. This comes two days after an allegation of “sexual harassment” was filed against him in response to growing criticism of the state’s JD(S)-BJP coalition.

The JD(S) leader and uncle of Prajwal Revanna, HD Kumaraswamy, stated that the party has suspended him due to claims of sexual abuse. A final judgment about the subject will be made during a meeting of the core committee on Tuesday, April 30.
The JD(S) called a crucial core committee meeting in Hubbali on Tuesday amidst the political uproar surrounding the claims of sexual harassment made against Prajwal Revanna and his father, MLA HD Revanna. Prajwal and his father are the grandson and son of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, respectively. People with knowledge of the situation informed HT that the party may choose to suspend or expel them.

Based on a complaint from a woman who worked at their home, the Karnataka Police on Sunday arrested Prajwal and HD Revanna for sexual harassment and criminal intimidation charges.

Prajwal Revanna Ten Updates on Sex Videos:

  1. HD Kumaraswamy announced on Monday that the JD(S) has chosen to suspend his nephew Prajwal Revanna, a joint candidate for the JD (S) and Bharatiya Janata Party from Hassan in the Lok Sabha election of 2024, due to claims that he has molested multiple women sexually. Hassan cast his ballot on April 26.

2. “Prabwal Revanna hasn’t been the subject of any direct accusations as of yet. If the accusations are genuine, the appropriate legal punishment should be meted out. There isn’t room for negotiation. Our family agrees that action be taken against Prajwal Revanna if he is in error, HD Kumaraswamy told reporters.

3. In response to criticism from the ruling Congress demanding an answer on the matter, the former chief minister of Karnataka also attempted to dissociate himself and Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the JD(S) coalition partner. Prajwal is the BJP-JD(S) alliance candidate running in the Hassan seat for the Lok Sabha.

4. The 33-year-old Prajwal Revanna, the older son of JD(S) patriarch HD Deve Gowda, is facing criticism following the recent circulation of numerous obscene video tapes purportedly showing him abusing multiple women sexually in Hassan.

5. In order to look into the MP’s alleged sex scandal, the Siddaramaiah government formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

6. Pen drives allegedly revealed Prajwal Revanna having sex with several women, raising concerns about widespread abuse claims. Government representatives from Karnataka state that 2,976 videos, some lasting a few seconds and others several minutes, were found on a thumb drive that was distributed in Hassan. Based on initial inquiries, it appears that the majority of them were shot in their Bengaluru and Hassan homes using a cell phone after 2019.

7. The chief minister’s office said in a statement that the SIT investigation has been launched that the Karnataka Police has information that Prajwal Revanna has fled the nation.

8. According to the Congress, the BJP was behind Prajwal Revanna’s “escape.” “Revanna left India shortly after several sex scandal videos surfaced,” asserted senior Congress leader Ajoy Kumar.

9. However, Karnataka BJP President BY Vijayendra stated that the law will follow its own course and that his party is unrelated to the claims of sexual assault made against the NDA candidate. Vijayendra charged that the state’s ruling Congress was engaging in “dirty politics” by taking aim at the BJP over the matter.

10. Samruddhi V Manjunath, a JD(S) MLA from Mulbagal in the Kolar district, stated that the accusations made against the father-son pair have so embarrassed the party members that they do not even want to mention the party name.


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