In order to commemorate their marriage, the couple went all out, spending a whooping $2,000 (£1,600) every night on a three-day safari excursion in South Africa. The two reportedly took a private plane to Egypt after that and planned a four-day schedule for their 130 guests.

Friday’s extravagant wedding between billionaire Ankur Jain and former WWE wrestler Erika Hammond took place in front of Egypt’s Great Pyramids.
“We’re from New York, and there’s something really unique about being in a whole new world,” Jain, the CEO and founder of the cashback technology startup Bilt Rewards, remarked to People after their wedding.

“Therefore, we made the decision that our wedding would be about spending a special occasion with our friends in a location that feels like a different world, and celebrating the new beginning together.” He continued. “It’s an experience of a lifetime,” says Hammond.

According to a story in The Sun, Erika, 32, and Jain, 33, first became acquainted when the businessman began working out at the celebrity-favored gym Rumble Boxing, which his current wife created and where she also worked as a fitness teacher.
Jain adds, “I proposed to Erika that we get married in space as our first wedding idea.”
The pair spent a staggering $2,000 (£1,600) per night on a three-day safari excursion in South Africa as the first part of their lavish celebration of marriage.

The Mail claims that after that, the couple used a private aircraft to travel to Egypt, where they planned a four-day schedule for their 130 guests.
The celebrations began on April 24 at a late hour with a welcoming reception at the Muhammad Ali Palace with a theme of “Modern Cairo.”
The pair then planned a completely private tour of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, which was followed by a supper at the Grand Egyptian Museum—which hasn’t opened yet—with a theme inspired by Ancient Egypt and the Met Gala.

Erika said, “I literally am speechless,” after posting a plethora of pictures and anecdotes on her Instagram account. I was having the time of my life when I looked at the pictures. Last night on stage, I was a popstar. I had the most amazing night of my life that night.


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