America and the West Indies will co-host the T20 World Cup this year. For the competition, America will use makeshift venues that will feature fields.

 T20 World Cup 2024 Updates : America and the West Indies will host the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024. Regarding the T20 World Cup, which will take place in June of this year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed some important information. Specifically, it revealed that America, the host nation, will temporarily set up the tournament, bringing in chairs for spectators from Las Vegas and a pitch from Melbourne.

The T20 World Cup in America will be played on drop-in fields, which Damien Hough, curator of Adelaide Oval, will prepare. You may be wondering what these “drop in pitches” are at this point. Thus, allow us to explain that drop-in pitches are those that are constructed off-site and then delivered and placed on the field. A temporary gallery with a 34,000-seat capacity will be constructed for the June 9 tournament match between India and Pakistan; the gallery will be taken down following the match.

“We will be using drop-in pitches, which have already been constructed,” stated Chris Tetley, director of events at the ICC. Damien Hough, the curator of Adelaide Oval, is a specialist in this field, and we are employing his experience. The trays are in Florida, and he built and maintains them. Enough trays will be available to hold the necessary quantity of matches for New York. Trays will also be available for the practice pitches. The fields where the games will take place are brand-new. In addition, we are preparing to empty the water in the event of rain.”

“All the infrastructure will be temporary, as it happens in the world of sports,” the ICC events director continued. A portion of the structures’ equipment will be transported from Las Vegas, where it will be assembled and dismantled following the game. In the US, there are thirty million cricket lovers. Furthermore, this market is the third biggest. The building of the structures will begin in February and be finished by May.”


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