Sports updates: Superstar Indian batsman Virat Kohli was congratulated for his well-wishes by 24-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic, who expressed his excitement for the day when the two can play together.

Djokovic responded to Kohli’s ambitions for the Australian Open in 2024 by using the social media app “X.”

“I got in touch with Novak very organically, I think on I was I was just looking at his profile once on Instagram, and I just happened to press the message button and thought I would just say hello. And then I saw a message from him on my DM already. I had never opened it myself. I was like, let me just check if it’s a fake account or something like that. But then I checked it again and it was legitimate. And then yeah, we got talking. We keep exchanging messages every now and then. I congratulated him for all his amazing achievements,” said Kohli.

He continued by wishing Djokovic the best of luck in the Australian Open in 2024 and expressed confidence that the world would witness his best play during the competition.

“I want to wish you the greatest possible luck at the Australian Open. I’m aware of your excitement and readiness for these significant occasions, and I’m confident we’ll witness the same Novak Djokovic as we’ve seen throughout the years. “I hope you have an amazing tournament,” continued Kohli.


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