After using dry ice as mouth fresheners at a restaurant in Gurugram, five people started throwing up. Dry ice is regarded by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India as a deadly material.

Health Tips With News par Views : At a restaurant in Gurugram, five people started spitting blood after consuming mouth freshener. A group of diners were admitted to the hospital on March 2 when they began to bleed from their mouths.
Subsequently, the police disclosed that the patrons had really eaten “dry ice” instead of the mouth freshener that the restaurant in Gurugram was selling.
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) classifies dry ice as a deadly material.


Carbon dioxide (CO2), a gas that makes up a tiny portion of Earth’s atmosphere, can be found in solid form as dry ice. The reason it is referred to as “dry ice” is that it sublimates—a straight transition from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid state.
It is around -78.5 degrees Celsius in temperature. In comparison to ordinary ice, it has a far lower freezing point.
Because of its low temperature, it is used to preserve perishable foods and in the cleaning process. It also produces a white fog of carbon dioxide, which is utilized for special effects in stage shows. To give their drinks a bubbly effect, several beverage producers carbonate them with dry ice.

Although dry ice has many useful uses, coming into close contact with naked flesh can result in frostbite or cold burns. In order to avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas, which can replace oxygen in enclosed spaces, it must be used and kept in well-ventilated places.


When presenting food, a lot of bars and restaurants will use dry ice to create a dramatic appearance. However, because it releases carbon dioxide, handling it carelessly may result in respiratory issues.
According to Dr. Ashutosh Shukla, Senior Director of Internal Medicine and Medical Advisor at Max Hospital in Gurugram, using dry ice can result in frostbite, burns, and stomach and mouth ulcers because it acts as a coolant.

When it comes into contact with the mouth, it might induce vomiting, and the person may vomit blood and become dyspeptic.
“Eye irritation, redness, and even more severe damage can be directly caused by exposure to carbon dioxide gas or dry ice. Dr. Ashutosh Shukla stated that “more serious outcomes include fainting, stomach and food pipe ulcers, and a sharp drop in blood pressure.”
Eating dry ice might make you very sick or even worse, according to Dr. Suchismitha Rajamanya, Lead Consultant & HOD – Internal Medicine, Aster Whitefield Hospital, Bengaluru. It is quite risky.

“You should never attempt to consume or play with it. It can be lethal in severe circumstances. “If someone inadvertently consumes dry ice, they should seek medical attention immediately,” Dr. Rajamanya stated.
In the short term, eating dry ice can cause bleeding, ulcers, and tissue damage in the digestive tract. Tears in the digestive tract or other internal injuries are also possible.
Long-term effects could include respiratory troubles brought on by repeated exposure to carbon dioxide gas, digestive difficulties such as trouble swallowing or digesting food, and scarring of the afflicted tissues.


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