The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense’s Andrei Yusov declared on Radio Liberty that the Russian patrol ship “Sergei Kotov” had been destroyed. He mentioned that one of the ships that attacked Snake Island in 2022 was this one.
“The Main Intelligence Directorate executed a masterful operation, and this time Sergei Kotov was unquestionably destroyed, working in tandem with the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Why is this instance? Considering that they had previously pursued him. Additionally, there had already been successful attacks, but Yusov pointed out that he was able to recover after repairs.

He further mentioned that in 2018, these ships were put into combat service. Yusov claimed that the enemy had designs on them. Apart from its intended function as a patrol boat, the Russians also intended to equip it with anti-aircraft missile systems.
Additionally, the Sergei Kotov is noteworthy for having participated in the attack on Zmeiny Island alongside the cruiser Moskva. Actually, Yusov said, “I’ve joined the same cruiser, “Moskva.”

He claims that the scenario of the crew of the sunk ship is being made clear. While there are casualties and dead, it’s likely that some crew members managed to escape. An official from the Ministry of Defense’s Main Intelligence Directorate stated that approximately ten ambulances were known to have been called by the enemy following the ship’s destruction.
Recall that the Russian ship Project 22160 “Sergey Kotov” was struck by Ukrainian Magura V5 water drones on March 5th. The left, starboard, and stern sides sustained damage. The invasion ship’s sinking was estimated to have cost roughly $65 million, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate.

There have been prior attacks on the Sergei Kotov vessel. Specifically, on August 1, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared that it had successfully stopped an alleged nighttime effort by Ukrainian naval drones to attack two Russian ships in the Black Sea. The Russians then claimed that three unmanned seagoing boats belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to assault the patrol ships “Sergey Kotov” and “Vasily Bykov.”


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