Russia Ukrain War Updates : On February 4, reports surfaced that claimed Russian attack planes had penetrated Avdiivka and taken up residence inside the structure.

Andrii Tsaplienko, the journalist, wrote a piece on it. As of right now, there is no official word on this.

My sources in Avdiivka tell me that the city’s current state of affairs is dire. To put it traditionally, Russian attack aircraft reached the city from the northeast, from the side of the Avdiiv quarry, taking advantage of the foggy weather and difficulties of high-quality aerial observation. He wrote that they went around the Ukrainian fighting lines and took up positions within the buildings.

The journalist pointed out that they still have hundreds of meters to go before they reach the Ukrainian defenders’ primary logistical route.

– The military asserts that there is still optimism in the situation. The Russian advance can yet be undone if there are infantry reserves with urban combat experience. The journalist went on to say that Avdiivka’s future is actually being decided at the moment.

Avdiivka situation: what the General Staff says

It is not officially stated that the enemy entered Avdiivka from the northeast, at which point things got really bad. Rather, the General Staff reported today that the enemy is still attempting to encircle Avdiivka, but Ukrainian soldiers are holding them off.


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