Permission was given on Saturday for the imprisoned MP to visit the Rajya Sabha on February 5. But he was denied the opportunity to take the oath of office.

Sanjay Singh, a legislator for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), was given permission by a Delhi court on Tuesday to enter Rajya Sabha while being held under police custody in order to take the oath of office as a member of the Upper House for a second consecutive term.

Permission was given on Saturday for the imprisoned MP to visit the Rajya Sabha on February 5. But since taking the oath of office was allegedly not on the agenda for the day’s House business, he was not permitted to do so.

As a result, on Tuesday, the AAP leader went before the court once more to request permission for the dates of February 8 and 9.

His attorney, advocate Rajat Bharadwaj, stated, “He may be permitted for two days so that if on the first day he may not be able to administer the oath, he can do that on the following day.”

Singh was given permission to take an oath by special judge MK Nagpal, who noted the allegations. On the other hand, he instructed the attorneys and the jail warden to get in touch with the Rajya Sabha secretariat regarding Singh’s visitation date.

In addition to ordering the jail superintendent to transport Singh to the Rajya Sabha under proper security on both dates, the court declared that Singh could not use a cell phone or communicate with any accused, suspect, witness, or member of the media. The court let his advocates and relatives to be present with him.

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha, offered an explanation after he was denied the opportunity to administer oath on February 5. The statement read, “The listed business, which is notified in bulletin, regulates the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha.” The House’s agenda did not include the swearing-in of Shri Sanjay Singh, and the Rajya Sabha never received a message regarding this issue for discussion.  

When a few AAP members met with the Chair, they were informed of the relevant policies and guidelines. The House has directed that Shri Sanjay Singh’s suspension be in effect until the Privilege Committee reviews the report. The source continued, “It makes no difference that this is related to his prior term.

Due to alleged anomalies in the Delhi excise policy 2021–2022, Singh is presently incarcerated.


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