Explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe: On Friday, there was an unexplained explosion at this well-known cafe in the Whitefield neighborhood, resulting in up to five injuries.

An explosion at the well-known restaurant The Rameshwaram Cafe in Whitefield, Bengaluru, on Friday left five people injured.
As per PTI, there have been no reported casualties as far. According to officials, the injured have been moved to a nearby hospital and are already receiving care.
Images from the explosion that were making the rounds on social media showed sizable groups that had congregated in the vicinity of Rameshwaram Cafe. A fire engine has arrived, according to a video that ANI posted.

The restaurant’s exterior is said to have sustained some damage from the explosion. To put out the fire and stop any damage, authorities from the fire and police departments raced to the scene.
Speaking with reporters about the situation, the Whitefield Fire Station stated, “We received a call that a cylinder blast occurred in the Rameshwaram cafe.” We have arrived and are currently analyzing the circumstances.
Additionally, forensic specialists showed up at the cafe and are purportedly determining the precise cause of the explosion. additional research is being done, and additional information is anticipated.

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) responded sharply to the incident, with Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya criticizing Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. “Just spoke to Rameshwaram CafĂ© founder Sri Nagaraj about the blast in his restaurant,” he posted on social media. He told me that there was no cylinder explosion—rather, the burst was caused by a bag that a customer had left behind.
“One of their workers has been hurt. It appears that there has been a bomb detonation. Bengaluru wants CM @siddaramaiah to provide definitive answers, he continued.

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