A man with severe breathing difficulties went to a hospital in Kerala. It was eventually discovered that the cockroach inside his lungs was the source of his issue.

Health Updates : Keralan medical professionals removed a cockroach from a man’s lungs in a terrifying procedure. The man reportedly complained of having severe breathing problems and went to Amritha Hospital in Kochi for treatment. Following an investigation, the medical professionals allegedly discovered that a cockroach was the source of the 55-year-old man’s respiratory problems.

A group of medical professionals removed the cockroach under the direction of Dr. Tinku Jospeh, the hospital’s Head of Interventional Pulmonology, according to Asianet Newsable. The physicians claim that because a tube had previously been placed in the patient’s neck, the bug may have reached the patient’s lungs through the tube. The doctors did not, however, specify where the tube surgery was carried out.
According to Dr. Joseph, people come to them with a variety of respiratory issues. It is extremely uncommon, nevertheless, for a cockroach to become lodged in someone’s lungs and cause breathing difficulties. He also mentioned that carelessness could be the cause of these occurrences.

Afterwards, the man with respiratory difficulties was released from the hospital.

A while back, a viral tale revealed the cause of a man’s persistent nosebleeds. The Florida man went to the doctor because he was experiencing nosebleeds and felt quite “off.” It was discovered that live bugs were residing within his nasal cavity, causing his problem.
In his nostril, the physicians discovered more than 150 live insects, not just one or two. The medics gave the man a specific anti-parasitic washing after extracting the organisms. He subsequently received his discharge, and a full recovery is anticipated. But for routine checkups, he must see the doctor at least three or four times a year.

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