Numerous inquiries regarding “Sarmat”
In the untamed marsh, nothing changes. They have threatened to use nuclear weapons against all of civilization, and they still do. However, one thing is endangered by its nature, and another by the fact that it begs several clear-cut issues… “Sarmat”.
The West was threatened by the modern intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” in 2022 by the still-vigorous and enthusiastic Dmitry Rogozin, even if the missile was fictitious.

The reason for this, “Sarmata” devotees will yell, is because the Plesetsk Cosmodrome successfully conducted the first rocket test launch on April 20, 2022. Yes, that is correct, the one and only…

The most hilarious thing is that a state contract was signed for the manufacture and delivery of the Sarmat ICBM to the Russian army on August 16, 2022, following just one test launch.
It should be recognized in this instance that “Sarmat” is an extremely unpolished and difficult rocket. Thus, for instance, the Sarmat ICBM’s initial missile tests, which were scheduled for 2016, were only carried out in 2018 and continued as early as 2020 following a protracted break.
Numerous technical and technological issues that came up during the development and testing of the rocket were the reason for these delays.

It was decided to place the latter on the outdated Soviet UR-100N UTTH ICBMs by 2027 since they had missed the deadline for supplying Sarmat missiles to the Avangard complexes. These ICBMs have not been built since 1985. The delivery plan states that the army will get 12 Avangardov units between 2019 and 2027.
But what matters most is not that Russia can make Sarmat missiles technically or technologically, but rather that, despite years of problem-solving and just one successful test launch, they are unable to bring them into service in accordance with all requirements.

For instance, before their mass production started, these kinds of rockets were tested for several years in the USSR through dozens of test launches.
It is clear that Russia is pushing for the earliest feasible transfer of the world’s only intercontinental ballistic missile, known as the Sarmat, to the armed forces. However, as far, this rocket has just made her feel guilty, exhibiting her complete recklessness in addition to her manufacturing powerlessness. Ultimately, a missile that has failed all of its testing and is required to carry a nuclear payload is akin to a time bomb, primarily deadly for the people who designed it.


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