According to Hooda, the Congress is debating whether to field his son, the Rajya Sabha member from Rohtak, Deepender Singh Hooda.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a senior Congress leader and the former chief minister of Haryana, declared on Tuesday that he would not run in the next Lok Sabha elections. According to Hooda, the Congress is debating whether to field his son, the Rajya Sabha member from Rohtak, Deepender Singh Hooda.

“Neither of us wants to fight with the other. The Haryana Assembly elections are quickly approaching, and I am the Leader of the Opposition as well. Thus, I don’t want to contest in the parliamentary election,” the former chief minister of Haryana was reported by news agency PTI as saying.

He went on to say that when Deepender enters the race, he has no intention of running for office in the next general elections. He stated that the party will make any final decisions on the matter.

Additionally, the former chief minister declared that “we will be happy” if prominent figures like Kumari Selja or Randeep Singh Surjewala choose to contest in the Lok Sabha elections. While his son Deepender Hooda lost in Rohtak, Bhupinder Singh Hooda lost in Sonipat. Deepender Singh Hooda is currently a Haryana MP in the Rajya Sabha.

He added that the screening committee of the party will convene shortly and declare the candidates from Haryana. “I am hopeful that the party will release names of candidates in the next few days,” he stated. On May 25, Haryana’s ten Lok Sabha seats will be subject to a single phase of voting.

Naveen Jindal joins the Saffron Party as the BJP and INLD trade jabs.

Major Congress leaders “are running away from the contest,” Haryana Chief Minister Nayan Singh Saini stated shortly after Hooda’s statement. They are feeling defeated somewhere.”

“Neither the BJP nor the Congress have candidates,” stated Abhay Singh Chautala, leader of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD). If it were the case, the BJP would not have been issuing tickets to those who had only joined the party half an hour prior.”

Previously, on Sunday, entrepreneur and former Congress MP Naveen Jindal joined the BJP and was announced as the Kurukshetra candidate for the saffron party.

Is the House of Congress in order?

The Congress party is dealing with more difficulties than just Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s declaration that he will not be running for office.

As the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 get near, internal tensions within the Congress party are also being witnessed in some states. The party’s units in Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, and Punjab are just a few places where this infighting is visible.

Six MLAs in Himachal Pradesh supported a BJP candidate, which caused a rift in the Congress-led administration. Renowned leader Vikramaditya Singh quit as a minister, citing the MLAs’ disregard.

Siddharth Saurav and Murari Gautam, two Congress MLAs in Bihar, defected to the BJP-led NDA, prompting the party to request their disqualification.

The functioning president of the Congress in Assam, Rana Goswami, resigned and is anticipated to join the BJP.

Congress politician Koustav Bagchi resigned from his position in West Bengal, citing the party’s shift in emphasis from winning elections to building its reputation.

Amidst the political unrest in Punjab, Navjot Singh Sidhu demanded an assessment of the party’s “assets and liabilities.” Sidhu and three other MLAs are reportedly thinking about joining the BJP.

Milind Deora of Maharashtra withdrew from the Congress primary membership, bringing an end to his family’s 55-year affiliation with the party. Subsequently, former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and Baba Siddique resigned and joined the BJP.


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