Former US President Donald Trump made fun of former RNC head Ronna McDaniel shortly after NBC reported her dismissal, joking that “she only lasted two days”.

US Latest Political Updates : Less than a week after arriving, former US President Donald Trump made fun of former Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel when NBC announced her firing.
After a furor on NBC, where many workers questioned the company’s choice to recruit a Republican, her employment was terminated. McDaniel’s detractors emphasized her part in Trump’s effort to void the 2020 election.
This year, she resigned from her position as RNC chairperson in response to pressure from Trump and his associates.

On Tuesday, Trump posted on Truth Social, saying, “Wow! NBC Fake News dismissed Ronna McDaniel. After McDaniel went out of her way to express what they wanted to hear, she only lasted two days.
Trump criticized her, emphasizing that her removal had placed her in a “very strange place,” stating, “It’s called NEVER NEVERLAND and it’s not a place you want to be.”
Trump has regularly attacked NBC News, even threatening to launch a “treason” investigation in the event that he is reelected to the presidency.

“Weak,” he said on Truth Social, NBC’s top executives were “broken and embarrassed by low ratings.” In closing, he emphasized the significance of reestablishing a “free and fair press.”

Did Ronna McDaniel respond to being fired by NBC?

The media site claims that Cesar Conde, the head of NBCUniversal News Group, responded to the “legitimate concerns” of his staff. In his words, the selection of McDaniel “undermines the goal of being cohesive and aligned.”
Conde even apologized to the employees “who felt we let them down” and took full responsibility for her hiring.
On Sunday, McDaniel said that Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential contest “fair and square” during his appearance on NBC’s flagship program Meet the Press.

But she went on to suggest that it was “fair to say” that there were problems in the states that would be crucial to the 2020 election. She even supported Trump’s deception about election fraud, which finally sparked rioting in the Capitol.


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